Autonomous UAVs for the auditing of electrical infrastructures

A collaboration between Qualitics.eu and the University of Namur

What are we aiming with this thesis:

The aim of the project is to set up and deploy one or more fully autonomous UAVs as part of the inspection of high-voltage line installations. In particular, electrical pylons and concrete poles.

Currently, audits are carried out either by fitters with line logging, or by helicopter or manually piloted UAVs. The detection of defects, once the data has been acquired, still has to be done manually by an experienced person capable of analysing and identifying the slightest defects. An enormous amount of data has to be visualised, at considerable cost.

The aim of the research is to automate and make the inspection of towers and power lines autonomous. The pylon requires meticulous inspection of its various components (members, angles, insulators, etc.). In addition, there are several different tower silhouettes. It is therefore a real challenge to carry out a competent AI in the automation of audits and in the analysis of defects.